Cindee McBride

Cindee McBride, Account Executive

Direct Line: 423.242.7640

I was born and raised in Birmingham, AL.  I went to Jefferson State and UAB on a full forensic scholarship (no, not dead people….speech and debate) which means my husband has never won an argument.  Even though I went to UAB, I have always been a lifelong Auburn fan (by law there has to be one in every room).  My husband Mac and I have four children – Mason, Morgan, Jack and Marly.  Our oldest son is married with three kids and the youngest is in college in Vermont where he is also a member of the National Guard.  Our middle son made the move to Chattanooga with us so he can pursue his education as did our daughter who has special needs. She is our forever child and keeps us on our toes.

I worked in radio in Birmingham, AL for over 25 years, but left in 2008 when “investor driven” radio took over. I believe radio should be about building relationships with the clients and serving the needs of the listeners.   With the sweeping change, corporate radio lost touch with that and was only about the bottom dollar.  It was no longer personal and local…only cookie cutter personalities from other markets and packaged spots.

After radio I continued to work in the marketing-sales-development world from marketing for a national bank, managing SEC sporting events (including my beloved Auburn Tigers and that other team), marketing and development of a national security company and selling car sales.

In 2016 my husband Mac and I relocated to Chattanooga for his dream job.  I got a call out of the blue from Brewer Media.  It was one of those “a friend of a friend told me all about you”.  I was dead set against going back into radio, but took the meeting anyway (shake off the interview skills rust and a free lunch to boot).  After meeting the staff here and learning that Brewer Media was locally owned and operated, the owners were very involved and hands on and they contributed LOCALLY over one million dollars in kind to charities I knew I had found the type of radio I had fallen in love with years ago.  Local, live and connected to the community.  I am now proud again to say I work in radio and that I am a Chattanoogan.

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