8 Key Digital Assets

Date:26 Apr, 2018

8 Key Digital Assets

We use the same systems Fortune 500 companies use  and we found the most effective digital marketing products available and provide them to local businesses. These assets are selected based on providing you with the best click thru rates! This will help you serve your sales message to ANY audience, at ANY time of the day, and on ANY device in your market area. The result is more impressions, more local walk-ups to your store and increased unit sales for your business!

There are now more digital devices on the planet than bathrooms or people!  Yet still 50% of of the population still does not have any digital device. This means 2 things to your business, there are lots of potential buyers around you every day. Plus the future growth potential is HUGE!

8 Key Digital Assets We Offer

​1 – Geo-Fencing

    This allows you to send your targeted message to smartphone users in a defined geographic area.

2 – Geo-Conversion

    This allows you to drive and track users from point A (competitor locations) to point B (your location).

3 – Geo-Targeting

    This behavioral data ensures that your ad appears in front of the user in any part of a city or region.

4 – Site Retargeting

    This allows you to market directly to potential customers who visit sites similar to your product or service.

5 – Search Retargeting

    This allows you to market directly to potential customers who are searching for your product or service at that time.

6 – Keyword Contextual Targeting

    This serves as your ad to those who are reading screen content related to your type of business.

7 – Category Contextual Targeting

    This targets your messaging on websites where potential customers are more likely to be visiting.

8 – Custom Web Lists

    This is a customized website list where your ads will be served.