Digital Direct Mail

Date:26 Apr, 2018

Digital Direct Mail

We can help you start an email database or add new contacts to your existing database. We are part of a massive network of websites consisting of some of the largest media companies in the nation!

Our massive network of websites allow people making online transactions or who fill out forms to check a box to accept or decline offers from local businesses like yours. These people are all opting-in to receive an email from you via these websites! We use these email addresses to send your message to potential new customers who are making buying decisions now or in the near future.

We can send emails using our wide array of demographic filters to target your ideal customer!

Our Digital Direct Mail is unique, effective and gives your sales team the power to directly reach new contacts – each one with an email address, first & last name and a postal address for direct follow-up!  

This will provide your sellers with targeted leads that are filtered to your target customer’s demographic profile! Grow your email database by adding premier emails from our filtered e-mail database!

​Here is How We Do It!

1. Choose an area based on geographic location to target potential customers.

2.Create a targeted email list based on demographics that are most likely to buy.

3.Develop an email that entices potential customers to open it (Your CRM).

4.Create an ad that grabs interest so potential customers click on it (Click Thru).

5.Get the prospect onto YOUR website so they can start the buying process!