Roger B. Holley

...an unwavering willingness to go above and beyond what is required to make things happen in the community.

Roger B. Holley

( Chairman & CEO, FSG Bank )

Other Testimonials

I am reaching out first to say thank you! Thank you for supporting the Heart Walk in such a huge way. With community partners like HealthSouth, we were able to raise over $518,000 net through Heart Walk for American Heart Association! Thank you for your partnership and dedication to this movement. We had more people call us from the radio PSAs this year than ever before – HUGE marketing for us and we are so very grateful.

Charlie Haddock

( American Heart Association Heart Walk Director )

In today's communication world, we must have a broad-spectrum approach to reaching all potential guests to Ruby Falls. Brewer Media provides us with multiple avenues to broadcast our general branding and special events. They make it a pleasure to do business here in Chattanooga and the surrounding areas.

Hugh Morrow, Jr.

( President, Ruby Falls )

November is normally my slowest month, but with the creative commercials with Brewer Media, I have been receiving 2-10 calls per day.

Troy Gravitt

( Owner/Operator Guardian Pest Control )

For me, it is a pleasure working with someone in advertising I know I can trust who is always looking out for my needs.

Tom Getz

( President, Little Caesars/KTG, Inc. )

Brewer Media also employs some of the most professional employees in Chattanooga. All business needs are met with a smile and an answer.

Jinger Jernigan Wadel

( Wadel & Associates )

If your company needs immediate name recognition and would like to be “everywhere” – then this is a great bet.

Tom Wengler

( Director of Business Development SRC Technology Solutions )

... and it was a great event! This night was our largest audience of the entire run of 10 shows!

Jan Belk

( Chattanooga Theatre Center )

…gotta say I was highly impressed. Sounded better than what I could have imagined. Again, I really appreciate what you are doing to help us accomplish what I have set out for this store to become.

Chad Scheadel

( Manager, Applebees )