Brewer Media serves Southeast Tennessee and Northwest Georgia with four Radio Stations, Traffic Network, ChattanoogaPulse.com as well as full suite of Digital Marketing. Brewer Media’s mission is to be a leading multi-media provider of news, information, and entertainment; to offer our clients a range of options for creative and effective advertising; and to be a positive influence in the community in which we live.

Brewer Media Mission Statement

  • To create and deliver compelling informational and entertainment content that reflects and enriches the lifestyle experiences of our audiences.
  • To aggressively promote and to provide a positive forum in which our advertising clients can effectively showcase their products and services to our audiences and their customers.
  • To, as media professionals and broadcasting licensees, be ever mindful of our responsibilities to assess and strive to meet the community and societal needs of the markets and audiences we serve.
  • To remain mindful that we function in a society and marketplace that are free. In the environment we strive to be a leader as measured by our audiences, our customers, and our financial success.
  • To remain responsive to the needs of the culturally diverse audiences that we serve.
  • To provide a professional, trusting, and creative workplace environment in which to accomplish our collective and individual goals.

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Kira Headlee

(Vice President)

Lisa Yockey-Rice

(Sr Vice President of Sales)

Keith Landecker

(Operations Manager)

Danielle Swindell

(National Sales/Dir. of Corp. Sponsorships)

Dean Tobler

(Director of Marketing)

Chee Chee Brown

(Senior Account Executive)

Matt Roberson

(Account Executive)

Zach Miller

(Account Executive)

Keely Wheeler

(Account Executive)

James Brewer, III


Jessica Rossman

(Accounting Department)

Wells Guthrie

(Program Director ESPN Chattanooga)

Greg Larnerd

(ESPN Chattanooga Host)



Eric Foster

(Program Director WPLZ/Air Personality)

Gary Poole

(Pulse Editor/Air Personality)

Jay Holloway

(Production Manager)

Rick Zeisig

(Director - Chattanooga Traffic Network)

Jake Moore

(Chattanooga Traffic Network)

Tony Rankin

(Chattanooga Traffic/WMPZ-FM DJ)


(Digital Media Manager/Air Personality)