Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our customers say about advertising with Brewer Media:

Chattanooga Medical Research

Wally’s Restaurant on McCallie Avenue

Sharon’s Senior Services

Roots Beauty Supply

American Air HVAC

Association for Visual Arts

AVA wishes to thank Brewer Media for its support of the 4 Bridges Arts Festival as our official Media Sponsor in 2010. The value of this partnership was exceptional in several ways.

First, the festival had a record year, with the highest attendance and best art sales ever! We know this is due to the comprehensive and creative advertising strategy that Brewer managed for us. With the ability to combine print, radio and Internet advertising, Brewer was the only company that could deliver our message with such high impact. Second, the relationship with the Brewer Media staff could not have been better. Each staff member we worked with was talented, professional and diligent. Third, Brewer honestly values the things that make Chattanooga a better place for all. A company that supports activities, such as the 4 Bridges Arts Festival, that serve the purpose of strengthening Hamilton County’s cultural vitality, is a company that should be recognized as a great asset to this community. We want to recognize Brewer Media as an outstanding partner and a great supporter of the arts.

Katie Boerema Public Relations Specialist AVA


I just wanted to personally say thank you for coming in and having lunch here yesterday. I am looking forward to our event this Saturday and think you are going to help us bring alot people in for whatever sports my guests like. I was driving into work this morning and heard one of the Applebees spots…gotta say I was highly impressed. Sounded better than what I could have imagined. Again, I really appreciate what you are doing to help us accomplish what I have set out for this store to become.

Chad Scheadel Manager Applebees

Chattanooga CAN DO

My wife Ciari and I have very much enjoyed our 11 month assignment in Chattanooga, helping the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce with its CAN DO 2011-2015 economic growth initiative. One of the very pleasant surprises we discovered in Chattanooga has been the weekly published by Brewer Media, “The Pulse.” We have found a wonderful balance of arts and entertainment news, food and festival information, and advertisements from many of the “happening” places in Chattanooga. We enjoy the many columns written by several excellent writers, especially those about important community topics. Congratulations, Brewer Media, on an interesting and informative publication.

Bob Johnson Campaign Director Chattanooga CAN DO 2011-2015

LBMC – Lattimore Black Morgan Cain

The services that we’re using are the radio ads and the TV ads and that’s helped employment partners because we have actually gotten leads where people have heard our advertisements. They’re calling and what we do is offer discount health insurance, HR, and payroll services. So, just last week I did receive a phone call where they heard our name on the radio and then googled us and then called me so that was really exciting to know that the advertising is paying off and it’s not the first time I’ve had that I’ve had other leads as a result of the advertising. So we’re getting a lot of name recognition, which is exactly what we wanted. Just for people to become familiar with our name and who we are.

Beverly Bartley EP Business Development LBMC – Lattimore Black Morgan Cain

Tennessee River Gorge Trust

It has been a pleasure to work with Brewer throughout the month. Michelle, Leanne, John, Gary and Jen have been wonderful. The print and radio ads turned out great. Your entire staff has been very helpful (including Janis who ran a story about our event), and Josh has really gone out of his way to make the video for our 30 year celebration wonderful. I appreciate the fact that he has been open to the feedback from me and a small group of marketing and graphics friends who help us out at TRGT. Josh was a great guy to take on the road (or the trail) for filming, he was creative, and he was totally professional. It will be so much fun to debut the video on Saturday. We will definitely seek out Brewer’s services for advertising and video production again in the future.

Sarah Quattrochi Outreach and Education Director Tennessee River Gorge Trust

Chattanooga Theater Center

THE WOMEN /BREWER MEDIA Girls’ Night Out was terrific! At 7:30 Friday, I looked out over the crowd sipping Cosmopolitans in the lobby before curtain and it was ALL WOMEN! We made sure they all knew that we had Brewer to thank for the event. There were men there eventually, of course, and it was a great event! This night was our largest audience of the entire run of 10 shows. Thank you, thank you for being such great supporters of the Chattanooga Theatre Centre.

Jan Belk Chattanooga Theatre Center

100 Black Men of Chattanooga

I just wanted to let you know that we installed 4 new members in the 100 last evening. Two of them are new to Chattanooga. When asked why they wanted to join the organization, their response was they heard the radio spots on Power 94 and went to the website your interactive team built for us and saw the great work we are doing in the city. Please tell the staff that there support is helping the 100 maintain its focus on improving the quality of life for the youth and the community as a whole in Chattanooga and North Georgia. I can’t thank you enough for all your support in helping the 100 grow and getting the word out on the work we are doing to help our youth grow and in building a stronger community. The article in the PULSE was fantastic! The kids and parents loved it and I have gotten a lot of positive feedback from the community. Because of the radio ads, we have been asked to come down to North Georgia (Ridgeland High School) to work with youth there and to engage the men in the school and the community to be a part of the 100’s mentoring program. Thanks a Million!

Erskine Oglesby 100 Black Men of Chattanooga

United Way of Greater Chattanooga

Last month, the director of our Project Ready for School initiative mentioned that they’d been extraordinarily busy signing up children for our program, and she asked what I thought would account for that. Immediately, I knew. Chattanooga Traffic! We had run a daily schedule of announcements that month. Reach and Frequency-Chattanooga Traffic Network gives us the best of both worlds.

Wayne Collins Vice President, Marketing/Communications United Way of Greater Chattanooga

SRC Technology Solutions

SRC Technology Solutions offers a wide range of products and services (from fixing computer networks to developing software). While communicating our full range of services is seemingly impossible in 10 seconds, we worked with Chattanooga Traffic because we wanted strong name recognition. When you have $100,000 proposals on the table locally, having the decision makers hear your name every day helps. We also received 5 leads from the campaign – 2 sales on average would pay for the campaign. If your company needs immediate name recognition and would like to be “everywhere” – then this is a great bet. You’ll be surprised at the number of people who hear your message.

Tom Wengler Director of Business Development SRC Technology Solutions

Bethlehem Center

I have been so impressed with Chattanooga Traffic! After running information on our event, we received an incredible response. I had no idea how many different markets would be hit. It seemed as if we were all over the radio. Everyone I talked to had “heard it on the radio”. Our experience with Chattanooga Traffic could not have been any better!

Cissi Moore Bethlehem Center

Chattanooga Football Club

I just wanted to reiterate how grateful we are for your support this season. I can confidently say that this thing we’ve got going on would not be what it is without you. It’s our hope that it is coming back to you in tangible ways. Nick, I didn’t get to hear the broadcast, but thank you for doing that again. And also you guys did a great job on the Pulse article. Huge thanks to everyone that made it happen!

Sheldon Grizzle Director of Communications Chattanooga Football Club

Wadel & Associates

As business partners we strive to make our local clients household names in the community. This task requires the media outlets to provide mediums for that information as well as innovative ways to share the client’s information.

Many media outlets are available to help with these goals, but none so innovative and pleasurable to work with as Brewer Media. As a business owner and representative for many local businesses, I strive to meet current marketing needs while working with the budget reflected by the economic climate. The Brewer Media Group is always on the cutting edge, providing outlets to meet every goal. The addition of The Pulse magazine helped clients reach readers that they were missing and ChattanoogaHasCars.com enabled clients to enter the world of internet advertising. While other media outlets were selling the same promotions and 60-second spots, Brewer Media was working with me to help my clients succeed.

Brewer Media also employs some of the most professional employees in Chattanooga. All business needs are met with a smile and an answer. I must say that in all the years of working with Brewer Media, I cannot list a single problem in my business dealings, but I could provide a long list of success stories for my clients. In short, the employees are known for over-delivering the information and services needed to help me run a successful business.

Jinger Jernigan Wadel

Evans, LeRoy & Hackett, PLLC

The acquisition, development, and expansion of these media properties has built an integrated media platform that is extraordinarily forward-looking in its ability to provide content that is meaningful and important to area residents in their day-to-day lives while providing a cost-effective means for local businesses and national advertisers to reach area residents in a compelling manner. The development of this integrated platform is unparalleled in our area, and a model for area businesses in how innovative business development can drive local business.

We have worked with the Brewer Media for almost two (2) decades and can unequivocally attest to their ethical forthrightness. The combination of business acumen, hard work, a commitment to innovation and creative solutions, and unyielding integrity places the Brewer Media at the very forefront of entrepreneurial development so fundamental to our area’s business and economic development.

David R. Evans Evans, LeRoy, & Hackett, PLLC

FSG Bank

We have the utmost respect and higest regard for the Brewers and are very much impressed with the company they have grown. They have consistently demonstrated strong business ethics, a dedication to the ongoing growth and success of Chattanooga and promotion of its residents, and an unwavering willingness to go above and beyond what is required to make things happen in the community.

Rodger B. Holley, Chairman & CEO Monty Montgomery, President and COO Terry Todd, Regional President FSG Bank

Little Caesar’s

I have dealt with Jim and Sandra Brewer with Brewer Media over the past few years. We have formed a solid, lasting relationship over the years through our business dealings. In 2008, they created an outstanding marketing plan for my business through their new traffic reports which generated big sales increases.

Brewer Media always acts in a professional manner with honesty and integrity. They never try to pitch a product or idea just because they think they can make some money from it. They want it to work for the customer so that it creates a long-term relationship. The Brewers work hard to understand the customer’s business and come up with creative ways to help their customers. During the past year or so, they have developed creative web sites and have added products and services to meet the needs of our community.

For me, it is a pleasure working with someone in advertising I know I can trust who is always looking out for my needs. I have enjoyed working with Brewer Media this year and am looking forward to working with them in the future.

Tom Getz, President, Little Caesars/KTG, Inc.

Guardian Pest Control

I have dealt with Jim Brewer for the last couple of years. Brewer Media has been very creative in my commercials. Brewer Media also created my web site, and the staff was very professional in all aspects of handling my account. November is normally my slowest month, but with the creative commercials with Brewer Media, I have been receiving 2-10 calls per day. This is more calls than I would have received with any other advertising agencies. I would recommend Brewer Media to anyone to help grow their business.

Troy Gravitt Owner/Operator Guardian Pest Control


Looking at Girls Preparatory School advertising over the past year, it can be difficult to determine which methods of advertising were really that effective—we didn’t and don’t hear too much about our billboards, newspaper ads, etc. But when we decided to run our first week of ads with the Chattanooga Traffic Network, the results were immediate! We heard from admissions candidates, current parents, and faculty—everyone we wanted to reach—that had heard our traffic ads on the radio and on television. It was an immediate indication of what a great investment Chattanooga Traffic was for GPS. We plan to make these advertisements a permanent part of our marketing efforts.

Ryan Lindsey Kopet, Assistant Director of Admissions/Director of Marketing Girls Preparatory School

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